Dr. Juan Ruiz Alconero

Calle Viriato, 55 Madrid, Spain

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+34 911 610 699



The best facilities

The Capilae clinic is located within a larger medical centre, the Clínica Garcilaso, a leader in aesthetic medicine and surgery in Madrid.

Capilae has three consulting rooms, 3 wound dressing rooms, 2 treatment rooms and a spacious waiting room.

Description of the clinic

Waiting room


Surgical block

The surgical block is separate from the consultation area, occupying a different floor. It has 2 fully-equipped theatres, with their respective areas for washing and sterilising instruments, and a pharmacy. They are equipped with cutting edge technology such as cold white light to not damage the transplants, portable heart rate monitors and all the high-end material for capillary transplant, whether using the FUE or FUSS technique.

Surgical block

Surgical block

Surgical block

Patient's room

Finally, the surgical block offers the patient an individual room with a private bathroom to be able to change undisturbed and, if he/she desires, to rest after the surgery.

Patient's room